Chair Yoga - Combat Desk Fatigue/Mobility Issues

Chair Yoga - Combat Desk Fatigue/Mobility Issues

Take a break from the work desk and stretch it out without having to roll out the mat. A great way to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your day when time and space may not be on your side. This series is also perfect for anyone dealing with mobility issues or wheelchair bound. Yoga is for EVERYBODY!

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Chair Yoga - Combat Desk Fatigue/Mobility Issues
  • Chair Yoga to Combat Fatigue

    Our bodies can feel fatigue for many different reasons. It is important to always listen to your body and take it slow if you need to. We love a chair series as it can be accessed from anywhere with no yoga mat required. This class will help to invite fresh energy into the body without too much e...

  • Desk Yoga - Workday Reset

    Pull your chair away from your desk and enjoy a gentle and effective workday reset without having to roll out the yoga mat. Stretch out the neck, shoulders, letting go of any stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

  • Strong Standing Series

    Roll out your mat and grab a chair to join me in this short but very strong standing series that will build fresh energy and heat in the body leaving you feel like you can take on whatever obstacle lays ahead in your day!
    Your practice doesn't need to be long in order to feel the burn. It is all ...

  • Dynamic Chair Yoga

    Enjoy a short and dynamic chair yoga session that will have you feeling more energised, alert and focused throughout your day.

  • Power Standing Flow

    This standing yoga class is an incredible way to build strength, flexibility and balance in the body.

    The beauty of this class is that it can be practiced anywhere at any time in the day and you don't even need a yoga mat!

    Enjoy x