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Enjoy a range of different yoga classes and styles to suit any body, age, gender or level of experience. From our beginner series to our more advanced challenging flows, there is something to suit everyone's needs. Our yoga teaching style is accessible and non-intimidating. We want you to feel safe and supported throughout your yoga journey. Our forums page allows you to give feedback, ask questions and send requests. We're on this journey together.
Some styles of yoga include:
- Gentle Flow
- Ladder Flow
- Invigorating Vinyasa
- Toning and Sculpting YogaLates (hybrid of yoga & Pilates)
- Chair Yoga
- Athlete's Yoga (recovery series)
- Yin and Restorative Yoga (slow & meditative)
- Tension Releasing (helping to ease headaches, neck tension, tight shoulders and lower back)


Enjoy a range of Pilates classes targeting different areas of the body to create toning, sculpting, definition and better posture. The beginner "Intro to Pilates" 7 day programme is a perfect place to start if you are new to the practice.
Pilates is a low intensity, muscle strengthening workout that focuses heavily on building strong core muscles. This style of controlled movement promotes flexibility, mobility, muscle toning and better posture. It can be used as a base for more advanced strength training or as a vigorous workout in itself. One thing is certain, you will be feeling toned in places you never knew existed!

Guided Meditations

Our library of Guided Meditations support numerous themes such as:
- Letting Go
- Anxiety & Stress Relief
- Manifestation
- Awareness
- Self - Love
- Deepening Trust
- Creating Confidence
- Building Resilience and much more.

The benefits of practicing meditation include:
- Helps to balance emotions
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Lowers blood pressure levels
- Improves focus & brings sense of clarity
- Enhances sleep

Breath - Work

Breathwork, also known as conscious breathing, involves intentional control of the breath to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is fast becoming the mindfulness method of choice as it allows the practitioner to self-soothe, regulate their own nervous system and release stress and anxiety in a matter of minutes.

There are many forms of breathwork therapy that involve breathing in a conscious and systematic way.

Our Breath-Work library covers a wider range of different breathing exercises used to self soothe, regulate the nervous system and bring energy and clarity.

Your Instructors

Rachel and Hannah are two sisters from the west of Ireland with a passion for helping people connect back to themselves, reach their full potential and feel less alone on their journey. Both have contrasting personalities, career background and life experience, yet each of them found physical, emotional and mental healing from the practices they offer with Yoga Mara. They will empower you to shed fear, self-doubt and move into a place of self-love and confidence. It is time to put yourself first, create healthy habits and discover true transformation and healing in a safe and non-judgmental way.

Both are qualified Yoga Instructors, Meditation Facilitators and Breath-Work Coaches, Rachel is also a qualified Pilates instructor and Hannah a Holistic Massage Therapist. They goal is to help you grow in confidence and make sure you feel supported every step of the way.

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Available on multiple devices. View All 

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  • FREE Leaving Cert Stress Release: Use code "LEAVE"

    4 videos

    A mix of movement, meditation and breath-work classes designed to regulate the nervous system and bring a deep sense of calm and focus to your mind during stressful exam times. To be enjoyed by students and their stressed parents.

  • 7 Day Intro to Yoga

    7 videos

    This beginner yoga series focuses on the basic, foundational yoga postures which are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. A great place to start or deepen your yoga journey.

    This series also introduces ways to feel more grounded and calm, using gentle guided medit...

  • Imposter Syndrome Toolkit

    17 videos

    Tired of feeling not good enough? Tired of comparing yourself to others? Tired of doubting your abilities?
    We have combined all the tools that helped us with our own feelings of Imposter Syndrome, including yoga, guided meditations, breath-work, journaling and positive affirmations into this 7 d...

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