Titles Available for Purchase

  • LIVE Self-Love & Letting Go Workshop Dec 5th 7-9pm

    1 video  |   Buy $17.99

    An immersive and interactive workshop where we will help you navigate your inner world and identify what stands in the way of you reaching true happiness, success and love. During this 2hr workshop we will share our own personal journeys and struggles and give you the powerful tools we used to co...

  • FREE Kid's Mindfulness Toolkit: Use Code ZENKIDS

    4 videos  |   Buy $0.99

    This toolkit had been developed to help children with ADHD and/or Autism to find a way to calm themselves, quieten their busy and overactive minds and give Mummy and Daddy a brain break of their own. It includes fun game ideas, imaginative breathing videos, kids yoga and meditation.
    Children wil...

  • Imposter Syndrome Toolkit

    17 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $49.99

    Tired of feeling not good enough? Tired of comparing yourself to others? Tired of doubting your abilities?
    We have combined all the tools that helped us with our own feelings of Imposter Syndrome, including yoga, guided meditations, breath-work, journaling and positive affirmations into this 7 d...