FREE Kid's Mindfulness Toolkit: Use Code ZENKIDS

FREE Kid's Mindfulness Toolkit: Use Code ZENKIDS

This toolkit had been developed to help children with ADHD and/or Autism to find a way to calm themselves, quieten their busy and overactive minds and give Mummy and Daddy a brain break of their own. It includes fun game ideas, imaginative breathing videos, kids yoga and meditation.
Children will get to enjoy the endless benefits of being more mindful, in a fun and interactive way.
We hope it brings a sense of peace and calm to your home and to your beautiful children.
Yoga Mara x

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FREE Kid's Mindfulness Toolkit: Use Code ZENKIDS
  • Hot Chocolate Breath

    Hot chocolate breaths is a playful breathing activity for kids, this technique allows children to practice mindful breathing using their imaginations and play.

    Learning mindful breathing can help kids to develop awareness of their feelings and bodies, help to focus their minds and calm their bod...

  • Box Breath

    Today, we will look specifically at square breathing, otherwise known as box breathing.

    Box breathing is a type of rhythmic breathing where you follow a pattern to help you stay focused. It’s a paced breathing exercise that you can do anywhere!

    Think waiting at a traffic light, while in the sh...

  • Brain Break

    This brain break activity is a quick and easy way for children to tune back inward, switch on their super powers and find time to be still and mindful. A great way to regulate their little nervous systems and bring a sense of inner calm and balance back into their life - as well as yours.

    Enjoy x

  • Kids Yoga

    Yoga is all about slowing down, breathing deeply, holding poses, stretching the body, and focusing.

    At first glance, it might not seem like the best kind of physical activity for children diagnosed with ADHD. But researchers in several studies are showing that practicing yoga can have a positiv...

  • The Breath Button

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  • The Freeze Game

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